Monday, October 18, 2010

Sights & Sounds @ War Eagle Mill Craft Fair , Rogers AR

My best friend Lydia and I went to the War Eagle Mill Arts & Crafts Fair this weekend to celebrate our birthday. I just wanted to share some of the sights and sounds and great people we met.
Above is the view we saw when we made a little yard sale detour on our way out to the fair. The sun was coming up, the fall fog was rolling through and I snapped this gorgeous picture as we crossed a bridge over a creek.
Great views to start out a great day!
The road to War Eagle is just beautiful, all the trees are slowly starting to change colors.
We made it! And there was just a "LITTLE" traffic. LOL
Luckily we got to park just a few steps from the first tents, and you can see the old mill off in the distance.

 This was our favorite booth, the gal had so much fun fall stuff, I didn't manage to get her information cause the booth was packed, we did get some really great yummy smelling potpourri here that we love! Oh and this beautiful gal is my best friend Lydia! Happy Birthday Girl!
The isles were packed. Lots of people!
And guess who else I found at War Eagle, Autumn is on the right and she is also a finalist in the Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan Search Contest in the jewelry category. I recognized her artwork right off. She is such a sweetie, even if she is the competition, LOL. She just lives about an hour away from me in Joplin MO. So cool. Go check out her etsy site, she's got some great stuff up!
The War Eagle Mill is just beautiful and so are the surroundings. You have to walk across the old bridge to get to the rest of the craft fair.
Ware Eagle Mill is a real working mill, they grind flower in the old way and sell it in their store and at local grocery stores, packaged up in a cloth flower sack too.
 After you get over the bridge you come to the front of the mill and the food vendor area with live music.

 I recorded a little slice of what you see and hear after crossing the bridge. I didn't catch the name of the band but I sure enjoyed listening to them.
These two were the sweetest couple selling their home grown coxcomb seeds. Ed and Verla Franklin. Those beautiful flowers with bunches of velvety folds, some of my favorites! Lydia and I both bought a package of her seeds. Can't wait for the flowers next year!
Most of the booths didn't want you to take pictures of their stuff so I gathered business cards from those that had online site and wanted to share a few with you...

from Attractive Boards

The Spark Plug Guy had some of the neatest welded artworks. 

These large gorgeous mosaic crosses were made by Cross Frenzy

For some most excellent BLING* with chunky soldered jewelry etc go see...

*******OH and one more person I met just after we went to the fair, Lydia and I just loved her home when we stopped at her barn sale,
She has a great idea for a holiday baking time saver on her blog today so go visit her and tell her Thespa sent you!*******

Hope you enjoyed a peek at the War Eagle Mill craft fair. See ya'll tomorrow!


Createology said...

This looks wonderful. How far is it from Hot Springs Village as we have family who live there. Happy week to you...

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Thespa,
What a great way to spend your birthdays!
I must come up with a similar plan for next year.

Charlene said...

What fun!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing! Where is War Eagle exactly? And do they have this every year? I think I would like to visit it next year if I can work it in. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Thespa, this sounds like such a truly fun day! We missed the Apple Festival here this year. :-(

A belated Happy Birthday to you!!
Hugs, Diane

Yavonne said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time at War Eagle. I'm so glad you stopped by my house and my blog. It was great meeting you.

You have a beautiful site. Can't wait until I have a little more time to spend here. Looks like you have a lot of great ideas and info.

Lynn Stevens said...

I wish we had things like this around here! I'd be in heaven!

Upcoming events...

I have some VERY Exciting news to share soon. Can't wait to spill the beans!