Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tutorial: Aged paint technique: Altered cigar box

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Ok, first of all I want to apologize for not posting the cuff bracelet tutorial yesterday. My camera and computer setup was not cooperating yesterday. I will still be showing that tutorial tomorrow.
Today I want to share an easy aging technique to alter a cigar box.

Since my camera is having problems I'm using this photo as an example of the technique.
What you will need:
1. cigar box, wooden board, or canvas panel
2. acrylic paint (orange & black or any colors you choose)
3. crackle gel (the cheap kind that is one part made for use with acrylic paint)
4. old papers, book pages, etc.
5. Mod Podge or gel medium
6. paint brushes

This technique gives you a very see-through crackled aged effect. Almost a time rusted stained effect.
**First : Protect your work surface, this can get messy**
1. Use Mod Podge  or Gel Medium to adhere old book pages to cigar box or other sturdy base material making sure to brush a layer over the top of the pages and let dry.
2. Brush  crackle gel over book pages and let dry to tacky stage but not completely dry.
3. While crackle gel is drying, mix orange acrylic paint with water so that it is very watery, how much water depends on how clear you want it to be, but you want it quite liquid. (less water added to paint = less text visible underneath---more water added to paint = more text visible underneath) 
4. When crackle gel is ready pour the watery paint mixture on in little pools and lightly brush in verticle lines with paint brush, cracks will form in the direction of your painted lines so you can use this as a designing moment. If you have too much liquid poured on simply touch a paper towel lightly to the puddle and allow some to be soaked up.
5.Let dry, you can speed this process by using a heat tool. You should be able to see the text on the pages underneath.
6. When the crackled paint layer is dry you can ink or brush thinned black paint onto the edges to age and darken.
Now you can stamp designs on with StazOn permanent ink, or paint designs on or glue elements to it, so many ways you can make this your own!
You can use this technique with any colors, see what you can come up with. And have fun!

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Have a great day!

P.S. Tomorrow there will be several tutorials posted, come back and see!


Createology said...

Great tutorial my dear. This cigar box looks amazing.
You absolutely must win or our blogging art world will not enjoy you and your fabulous talents. Happy creating...

She Uses Her Words said...

Thank you for all the great tutorials! I voted for you!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Thespa,
Thanks for another great tutorial.
Now, where can I get one of those cigar boxes?
We don't have anything like that down in Oz or maybe I need to get out more! lol
Happy creating,

Lynn Stevens said...

oh this is so cool!

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