Saturday, February 27, 2016

Old Hofner Guitar...Need information...

So I found this beat up old guitar at a thrift store about 6 years ago for $2. I'm never one to turn down a fine musical instrument just cause it's got a little wear on it, and for $2 you just can't go wrong so I took it home and it's been in my closet ever since. We first did some investigating back when I found it, mainly looking into the metal tag at the top from a music store in Germany. The only thing we found out about that music store was that it is no longer open and that Elvis rented a piano from them when he was stationed in Germany. lol.
      Well we dug it out of the closet this week, dusted it off, oiled it because it was dry as a bone, pulled the old cartoon sticker off the back and took it up to the guitar shop to get the bridge fixed. The repair guy got excited and told us he didn't want to work on it right away that he would like us to try to find something out about it first so here we are. Trying to find something out about this old thing.
I have looked through thousands of images of Hofner guitars online, as one does when trying to identify them, and can't find any that are like mine. I've found some that are similar, but nothing the same. not one. It's frustrating to say the least.
I have taken photos of everything the best I can and I'm hoping that someone who has been at this longer than I have and has more knowledge about Hofner Guitars might have a clue or can point me in the right direction.
      The repair guy at the guitar shop thought it might be a World War II era parlor guitar. From the ones I've seen online I think I agree with that. 
      Mainly I haven't found one that has Hofner wood burned into the top. I always see decals. I thought that might help me identify the timeline but can't find that info either.
Anyway pictures are attached, hopefully someone can point us in the right direction.

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