Sunday, July 17, 2016

Inspired to create...a beautiful day

Those of you who are my blogger friends that I've known for so long know that I went through a rough time in life and lost my muse. I have done a few home projects and furniture pieces but I haven't created any mixed media artwork of any kind in a very long time. Today I found a spark, a glimmer of the creative spirit within me. I found inspiration! It's a joy to be alive and get paint on my hands again. Here is a simple example of "Found Poetry" that I've been wanting to try for a long time...
The highlighted words...

Birds In Summer
They delight And lovingly call
The merry dance.
How pleasant life must be
What joy to look on.
Skimming then wheeling away
By a strong, free wing
To meet face to face
When joyful fancy calls.
Then play as wild as a child.
What joy to flutter,
To soar, to see
And gladden.
How pleasant life must be!

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Diane said...

So good to hear. You are one very talented girl. Can't wait to see your creations

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