Sunday, June 18, 2023

Vintage Halloween Pails Class 2023

 Coming soon:

Vintage Halloween Pails class 

I will be teaching a class at the wonderfully amazing Fox Hollow Studio in Duncan, Oklahoma.

More info coming soon. Class size is limitied so Stay tuned.

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I have long been fascinated with the idea of casting paper mache and creating Halloween buckets just like they did long ago. Antique Halloween Pails come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Many of us are drawn to their many whimsical and sometimes frightening expressions. Collecting the rare and elusive guardians of Halloween is a perilous endeavor and does not come without great cost. Many these days going for hundreds of dollars. With so many Halloween collectors out there, the truly vintage is often out of reach of those who adore it most. I am one of those collectors so I set out to create something that captured the essence of those cherished gems so that we can all enjoy a bit of Halloween magic. 

The Challenge of teaching myself the Art of casting paper mache took many months. Many techniques are heavily guarded trade secrets. And while there are many artists and craftsmen out there who share their time and knowledge, there weren't any crash courses on all the workings of this particular subject. A great deal of trial and many errors were the obstacles of my obsession. This class is the culmination of those efforts. I have done all the hard work for you so you can enjoy doing the fun part, personalizing and decorating the pails to suit your style. 

Each set of casts takes a day and half to create with 100% handmade paper mache clay placed in original handmade molds created from my original sculpts. A lot of time, effort, and love went into each step of the process to produce one of a kind molds that will be retired in 2023 making these items unique and limited edition. 

Each class will include a CLASS KIT with the following... 

100% handmade paper mache pail casts in vintage style

- 1 cat pail unfinished

- 1 jack-o-lantern pail unfinished

- wire handles

- templates for facial features 

- hat parts

- preconstructed star toppers

- gathered crepe paper strand

- a few extra goodies

What you should bring to class... 

1. A Fast drying glue of your choice

- Art Glitter glue, Fabritac, Aleenes Tacky etc. whatever you prefer

2. Acrylic paint for facial features

- black, white, orange, green (or any colors you choose.)

3. Small bottles of chalk paint (Walmart) 

- Orange, Black (you can use reg acrylic but it will take more coats, the chalk paint only takes one) 

4. Paint brushes 

5. Glitter for your star 

- silver or whatever color you choose. ( I love the look of glass glitter because it tarnishes over time and add to that spooky vintage look, you can use any type) 

OPTIONAL: trims, embellishments, scrapbook paper (to cover hat), pompoms, tools, glue gun, etc. (anything you want to use or add to your Pails to personalize them. 

NOTE: trim pictured on hats is "Beistle Tissue Festooning" and can be found on Amazon if that is the look you want. (I will include some gathered crepe strands in your class kit. It's a little different look but still a vintage style) 

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